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Dacusville Elementary School History

Around 1900, across the street (Earls Bridge Road) from our present location a three room school was built that housed grades one through eight. This replaced maybe as many as nine one room schools in the surrounding area at the time.

Around 1910, a two-story, six-room school was built on the present location and in

1925 back across the street a two-story brick facility was built for the high school. In 1938, there were only four elementary teachers, no electricity, heat from a coal burning heater, outside restrooms, and water carried in buckets from a spring by the students.

In 1940, a fourth structure was built back on the part of the present site and it included an auditorium and six classrooms for a high school.  The 1910 building was taken down and the lumber was reused to re-purpose part of the 1925 high school building for the elementary.

The Dacusville High School closed in 1971 and area students chose to attend Pickens High School.
The Junior High School remained in the old building until the summer of 1983 when it was demolished and replaced with the current gym.  During this same construction, Dacusville Elementary added an additional wing that tripled the size of the school including a second story to house Dacusville Junior High (later Middle School). The Middle School moved to their own facility in the summer of 1997.

In May 2009, Board members, administration, staff, and students broke ground for the new Dacusville Elementary School on 200 Cherokee Trail, Easley, South Carolina.

September 2011, Faculty and staff welcomed students and parents for the school’s “premier year of 2011-2012.”




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