1384 Thomas Mill Road
Easley, South Carolina


Who Are We?

  • WE ARE NOT A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION, yet among our members will be found leaders of all political parties and factions.

  • WE ARE NOT A SOCIAL CLUB, yet we are directed to take an active interest in the social welfare of our various communities.

  • WE ARE NOT A YOUTH ORGANIZATION, yet we participate in so many youth programs and projects in this nation and abroad that it is hard to determine if the dog is wagging the tail or the tail is wagging the dog.

  • WE ARE NOT A WELFARE ORGANIZATION, yet over the years, in good times and bad, countless thousands of less fortunate people have been the recipients of the generosity of Lions.

  • WE ARE NOT A SPORTS OR RECREATIONAL AGENCY, yet thousands of boys have been thrilled with Little League programs and many other activities built around the training of the minds and bodies of our youth, both boys and girls.

  • WE ARE NOT A RELIGIOUS BODY, yet the precepts we live by are familiar to the doctrines of the world's spiritual bodies.

  • WE ARE NOT A MEDICAL OR HEALTH ORGANIZATION, yet, our clubs have performed miracles in this wide panorama of community and individual service.

  • WE ARE NOT AN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, yet thousands of students are today in schools built by Lions.

  • WE ARE NOT A UNITED NATIONS, yet we are an instrument of peace. Lionism, born while the world was aflame, has grown strong, under the nourishment of freedom and liberty.

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